The Society for Student Accommodation, WoVe for short, is nowadays the most important provider of student accommodation in Basel.

About us

WoVe is a charitable organisation with a constitution according to ZGB Art. 60.-79. The aim of WoVe is to rent out and to assist in finding reasonably priced accommodation for young people from Switzerland or from abroad who are pursuing an education in the northwest of Switzerland.

WoVe does not own any properties itself. It manages the houses of the Wohnstiftung für Studierende (WOST) (a foundation assisting students in finding accommodation) which is affiliated to WoVe. In addition, WoVe rents entire properties or individual apartments from various owners and subsequently lets them to students. Furthermore, WoVe acts as an agent for the temporary use of properties.

Ernst Stalder: President and representative of the FHNW (the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland)
Rolf Borner: Vice president and representative of the University of Basel
Felix Hauser: Member of the board and president of the foundation board of the Wohnstiftung für Studierende (WOST)
Ernst Jost
Ben Schmidt
Georg Jung
Daniela Bernardi
Claudia Wunderlich

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Our team is made up of two divisions, with differing responsibilities. The two divisions, comprising of Furnished Apartments and Unfurnished Apartments, manage the properties and rooms respectively.

Angela Egli, Management

Annette Vonder Mühll, Management

Jessica Büch, Team unfurnished (Team leader)

Monika Wagner, Team unfurnished

Sibylle Haas, Team furnished (Team leader)

Tiziana Gullotta, Team furnished

Myriam Riebel, Team furnished

Simone Schädelin, Team furnished

History and Philosophy

The Verein Studentische Wohnvermittlung (the Society for Student Accommodation) (WoVe) was founded by students as a self-help organisation in 1970. The founders wanted to encourage awareness of the then precarious property market with the aim of renting apartments and houses themselves and then passing these on to students to rent at a reasonable price. They also championed the then innovative and unfamiliar idea of sharing an apartment with other students.

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In the year 2013 the society was organisationally restructured and given its present name «Verein für Studentisches Wohnen – WoVe”. Today WoVe is the most important provider of accommodation for students in Basel and the surroundings and operates in a similar manner to a normal property agency letting reasonably priced rooms and flats to students and trainees.

The WoVe maintains performance contracts with the University of Basel and the FHNW and functions as a professional non-profit organisation. The aim is to provide as many people as possible with the most reasonably priced accommodation available. In order to achieve this, we rent flats and entire houses from the owners and subsequently let these by the room to persons who are enrolled in a public education institution in the northwest of Switzerland.
The history of this new form of living for students since the 1960s and the story of the formation of WoVe can be found under the following links.


On its founding, the legal form of the society requires its adherence to a constitution. The constitution provides information about the purpose, the financial means and the organisation of the society.

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